Why Dry Feet Happen

Ever wonder why your feet are rough, cracked and always in pain? No matter what lotions you put on, or how often you scrub your feet, the dryness does not improve! I’ve lived with dry and rough feet my entire life. I believe my earliest memory of my dry feet is when I was 7. When I was a little girl my feet would often itch and burn. My mother took me to several podiatrists and skin doctors who prescribed a variety of medications and treatments but nothing worked. Eventually my feet stopped itching by the dryness and the cracking remained.

Many factors can cause dry feet including fungal infections or even Vitamin B3 deficiency. Lack of moisture will often lead the skin to crack and in severe cases even bleed! If you are used to using harsh soaps or lotions, the skin on your feet may lose their natural's oils.

The first thing you should do is see a doctor to rule out any deficiencies or illnesses that may cause dry feet or prevent oils and moisture to stay on your feet.

If you can rule out any medical conditions then I suggest you create and follow a regular treatment routine depending on how dry your feet are. My routine includes 1 heavy duty treatment then 2 smaller maintenance treatments. I don’t have to do anything fancy, I just still to soaking, scrubbing, drying and moisturizing. For dryer feet, I would suggest 2 heavy duty treatments or adding a couple more smaller maintenance treatments.

If you are like me and are in the search of something that will actually work, stick around some more and read up what has finally worked for me here.

Winter is coming so stock up on fuzzy socks, moisturizer and pumice pads!