How dry feet interferes with your life

This is a very delicate and embarrassing subject for me since this has prevented me from enjoying life in the ways I wish I could have. In high school I never went to the pool with my friends and hardly ever wore flip flops or sandals because I was trying to hide my hideous feet.

In relationships I had to wear socks in bed (and no sock in the history of humanity is sexy) so that I wouldn’t injure my significant other during private moments and overnight.

We all know that what counts is the beauty on the inside not the outside but how can we let our inner beauty shine outwardly if we are too self-conscious to let it all out? If we aren’t comfortable in our own skin, literally, how can we let ourselves enjoy even the smallest things in life like walking barefoot at the beach?

It may sound stupid or childish but having this condition on my feet was a big hit against my self-esteem. If I ever said, “Screw it, I’m going to wear sandals” people always asked me what was wrong with my feet or why I would not get a pedicure. I wasted a lot of money on pedicures, and yes it was a waste of money for me since my feet dried up almost overnight. In all honesty I feel my dry feet held me back some so I started the quest to finding what works for me and I finally found it.

Since my feet were the most embarrassing body parts for me, it never occured to take before pictures. So I stopped my routine just for you so you can see my ‘before’ and my ‘after’.

If you are like me and are in the search of something that will actually work, stick around some more and read up what has finally worked for me here.